Joanna (whom I met at college) and I were married after my graduation.  We then began to ask the Lord where He would have us serve. We are both more country people than city people and sought out a more 3rd world, rural setting.  Also wanting to use aviation on the mission field, we considered several countries where this might be an asset.  By process of elimination, the Lord directed us to join Richard and Charity Jertberg in spreading the Gospel throughout the country of Madagascar.  Together we chose a region on the west coast and have set up a base in the town of Maintirano.  As capital of the region, we see it as a strategic place to begin a church with the goal of spreading into the surrounding countryside using the airplane as a tool to help us get there.

Trusting the guiding of the Holy Spirit, we are excited about what the Lord has in store for us. We are grateful for how the Lord has not given up on us, but continually pursued and patiently directed.