Vonjy is a disaster relief and prevention non-profit we started back in 2010.  Our team funds the projects we do and receives special donations from time to time for specific things.  This non-profit has helped us contact village officials and government workers.  It has helped us establish a reputation of good will and trust in the community.  In all our projects/outreaches, we have made it clear we want to help with the spiritual as well as the physical aspects of life.  Here are some of the things we’ve been able to do:

  • Malaria health teachings and mosquito net distribution
  • Nutrition classes for the community health agents
  • Transportation for government vaccination campaigns – Polio, measles, and regular immunizations
  • English and Bible classes for elementary schools
  • Prenatal health teachings and clinics
  • Eye clinics and club foot corrections in coordination with a Malagasy hospital/doctor

In addition to those, here are some possible projects for the future:

  • Well drilling
  • Installation of drip irrigation systems
  • Health, prenatal of dental clinics as we have personnel
  • Vaccine transportation
  • Development of a training center