Our desire is to glorify God and make his praise know in the Island of Madagascar. With the best way to glorify the Lord being to keep his commandments and spread his praise, we use the great commission of Acts 1:8 as our guide, our goals can be broken down into several aspects.

  1. Evangelisim, There are many throughout our region who have never heard the increddible news that God loves them, desires to have a living daily relationship with them, and has provided a way through the life, death and resurrection of his son, for the sinner( you and me) to be restored to life and fellowship with God. It’s is one of our foremost goals to spread this good news we call “the gospel”
  2. Discipleship, In the great commission Jesus commanded us to “teach them to observe all thing whatsoever I have commanded you” We believe this is fulfilled through discipleship. Disciple ship in Madagascar takes many forms, one on one, small group studies, personal and couples counseling, organized church meetings, and just spending time with each other. All of these are utilized throughout the week in ministry in Madagascar.
  3. Reproduction. We believe that fulfillment of the great commission in a specific area is not complete until the local church is reproducing itself, so we strive to train and equip national believers to be leaders, teachers, pastors and evangelist with the goal of reproducing the local church throughout the region country and the world.
  4. Aid. Where ever Jesus went he helped with both the physical as well as spiritual needs of those he met. We strive to use our training, equipment and abilities in the areas of aviation, medical, farming and clean water sourcing to aid those around us in a way that promotes health, builds bridges and aids the spread of the gospel.