One night after Wednesday prayer meeting we came back to our house in Asuncion, Paraguay and my heart was sober.  I was only three at the time but remember thinking seriously about my sin.  My parents were missionaries and I knew we were in Paraguay to tell others about Jesus, but he was not yet my Jesus.  I prayed by myself that night before going to sleep and accepted God’s gift of salvation.  My dad baptized me when I was five and I decided God should be in control of my life at age six.

Growing up as an MK, I wrestled with whether I should be a missionary too.  While riding the bus one day God impressed on me to look at the faces of people we were passing in the street.  As I did, their pain, lost condition, and hopelessness became very real.  I understood that God had chosen missions for my life.  It was my responsibility to reach people with the gospel, not just Dad and Mom’s.