So yesterday after having a giant stinging centipede crawl up my shirt ( thankfully the outside) during the song service I thought that was to be my Madagascar excitement for the day… wrong. While preaching in the evening service at my house ( preaching on our freedom from old testament dietary laws no less, specifically pork was my example at this point) I hear a pig squeal in the back yard. Simultaneously I hear the dogs force open the locked door. “Uh oh not good”… I drop my Bible mid-sentence and run for the door followed by Joanna and our house helper. Sure enough I arrive on scene to find the three dogs hounding the mid-size pig who is literally running for his life. At this point all inhibition goes out the window. It very closely resembles kids chasing a greased pig at the county fair, except we are chasing the dogs, which are chasing the pig. My only thought at this point is I don’t want to pay for the dumb pig that wandered into my yard. Finally I get control of our two dogs and the pig is shooed out the gate, however our coworkers dog makes it through before we can stop him and the chase continues out into the street. This is officially a street circus at this point. Joanna and Mima (the house helper) are running and hollering at Hercules(our coworkers dog) as people are diving into their houses for cover while a very large dog barrels down the street after a very dumb pig. They finally get Hercules back in the yard and the gate shut and we think all is well …. until we discover there is a second pig. The greased pig act starts up again… I am literally diving, grabbing, clawing at what ever part of dog come closest to me. Finally I decide to center in on the ring leader, Hercules. I pulled out one of my WWF/ NFL moves and tackled the dog, literally laying on top of him as he continues to struggle after the intruder. Joanna gets a hold of our 11 month old, overgrown mongrel and Mima chases the down the pig (our third and smallest dog was actually obedient enough to leave the pig alone when we called her off). At this point the pig is thrown out the gate, the dogs are locked up again, I clean the pig blood off my arms and shirt, and Joanna explains to the patiently waiting church members that order is once again restored with the comment ” our dogs must be gentiles,’cause they sure love eating pork!” And the service continues….. PTL there were no pig sacrifices yesterday, and PTL Mima was there to help with the whole charade. So how was your Sunday? 🙂