Welding up the door frames

What next?  That has been a question that has come up several times in the past couple months ( to which most of the time my answer has been,”hum I’m not sure”). We have been working on fabricating rolling doors for the hangar. It’s been quite an interesting project for several reasons. One we have no drawing that we are building this from, two materials in Maintirano are limited to say the least, and three… I’ve never done this before. Though I have to admit I have enjoyed the challenge of trying to make something functional out of limited resources,( like cutting a hold through plate steel with a welder since we have no cutting torch, or using a rubber hose and water to level a 40 truss). In reality the whole process has been a testimony to the grace of God. Ya’ know, we often think of the leading of the Holy Spirit only along the lines of Spiritual things,  but there have been some definite construction promptings that I attribute fully to the Holy Spirit!  When we started the project we had several different “ingenious” ideas, or so we thought. Thankfully several key people came along at the right time to redirect my enthusiastic, though misguided planning and we have now thrown more than one pencil sketch design in the trash.  On top of that all through out the final plan there have been many changes and re-engineering.  The ultimate testimony to the fact that God’s hand has been in this process happened again today when we put up another door….that is, she worked!  Though

Hangar doors project

based on my previous experience record I may not be the first person you would want to hire to construct a 46′ rolling door, I am so glad that I have the creator of the universe guiding, protecting and directing me through what so far has been an great project!