Hangar photo 1Lately it has been a hard balance of Church, hangar and airplane work. In September we spent just over three weeks working on the airplane trying to get it ready for an inspection by the  local aviation authorities. After over 8 months of being grounded we are hoping to get the airplane certified and flying again soon. Truly it has been a lesson in patience, trusting the Lord and letting go of worries! But Lord willing come november we will be up in the air again. Lately I normally spend three to four days a week working on the hangar construction project. My hope is to have the 46′ rolling door completed before the rainy season kicks into high gear here. It has been going fairly well, though with limited supplies and little experience this has been a learn as we go project, much of my time spent looking at what we have and pondering how to make it into what we need!  It’s really quite amazing what you can do with a bunch of angle iron and a box of welding rods! Hopefully soon we will posting pictures of the completed and functioning rolling doors:)