Well, it has been a while since i have updated this, hopefully soon I will get some pictures uploaded! Things have been going really good, as of today our support has jumped up to 53% Praise the Lord has has been a huge encouragement to Joanna and me!

We are currently in PA staying visiting my Aunt and Uncle, this afternoon we will be heading up to Niagra Falls NY and then on to Canada for a missions conference. After that we will be heading back home to Winston. Next Wednesday I head back down to GA where Richard and I have been working on the Cessna 180(airplane) we plan to by. God has been good in bringing in $36,000. of the $40,000 we need to purchase the airplane. Richard and I have also been very greatful for a nice hanger to work in as we restore the airplane!

One prayer request we do have is, last week on our way to a missions conference we were rearended by a truck. Praise the Lord no one was seriously hurt. We are now trying to decide whether to fix our car our or purchase another one. We are extreemly greatful for how well our car has done until this point and would hate to part with it. Pray that the Lord gives wisdom and that the insurance company actually pays us what the car is worth with all the modification I have done to it:) Thankfully at this time the car is drivable, but it will need a good deal of work to make it practicle again! Thank you for your prayers!